NACFUN is the free e-Learning and Activities platform of National Active Championship (NAC) to motivate children worldwide to become physically active and acquire a healthy lifestyle for life. Formatted as an online championship, children perform fun physical, extracurricular, sports and academic activities to climb up the Leaderboard and earn Certificates, Prizes and Scholarships (brand sponsored).

NacFun activities include, Art, Comdey, Craft, Dance, Music, Poetry, Singing, BattleZone, Quiz, Worksheets, General Knowledge, Co-curricular, Sports, Study and Fun Contests for all age groups.

National Active Championship

National Active Championship (NAC) is co-scholastic activities, FunSports & Lifeskill competition conducted online & In-School.

National Active Championship is a social impact project that has been created & organised by eminent personalities & volunteers from all walks of life for holistic growth of children.

NAC Mission

Motivate children to become physically active through attractive & engaging "FunSports" designed by leading researchers. Physically active children are academically more focused, emotionally balanced & easily imbibe team spirit, camaraderie & leadership helping them excel in their future careers.

Format of NacFun

NacFun is a free & open platform for everyone to participate. All the players simply Watch an Activity, Practice & Perform, Record & Upload to earn points & WIN.

TYPES OF Activities in NacFun

  • 1. FunSports Challenges are instruction led fun physical & sports challenges which can be performed ANYTIME ANYWHERE. Learn more about FunSports.
  • 2. Freestyle Physical Activity Challenges lets users demonstrate their creativity & skills performing a PHYSICAL activity. Users are encouraged to perform an activity that induces physical movement for most of the body. Users must perform the physical activity for at least 45 seconds. Some examples of freestyle activities are sports, exercise, workout, cycling, home or playground cleaning, cutting grass, gardening and etc.
  • 3. Co-Curricular Activities such as Art, Craft, Dance, Music, Singing, Poetry, Life-Skills, Health & Wellness and more lets users learn and show their talent while having fun.
  • 4. Academic Activities help students learn all their curriculum subjects such as languages, sciences, math, geography, social-science, current affairs, culture and general knowledge while having fun. Worksheets, Multiple Choice Quiz, Subjective Quiz, Blog Quiz, Video blog Quiz and Image Quiz in various subjects lets students enhance their knowledge as they perform these academic activities.
  • 5. Contests offered by NacFun and its partners adds more excitement and fun around learning. Ongoing or seasonal contests may have contest specific prizes and awards from sponsors as well. Image and Video contests such as NAC-HO-Dance, Singing, Music and Workout are fun to participate and win prizes.
  • 6. Fame Zone lets you create, store and share the catalogue of your lifetime achievements with the NacFun community. You may upload your own certificates, photos of trophies and medals won at your school or at any competition or events anywhere in the world. The fun continues as for each approved entry you shall receive 2 NacFun points.
  • 7. Battle Zone s a virtual ‘1 vs Many’ Challenge zone where you can challenge other player’s freestyle videos to out form them. The head-to-head challenges of BattleZone lets players to publish and compete with other players.
  • 8. Publish lets you create activities for kids or adults of the NacFun community to play. Earn points each time you publish. Earn additional points when a player plays the activity published by you.


School students from Nursery to Class 12th, College Students, any Adult above the age of 18 including Parents and Faculties can participate in NacFun. All activities are designed and published for relevant participants based upon their age and class.

Based upon the age and class, participants fall under four (4) categories to qualify and win certificates and prizes.

  • - Little Champs (Class Nursery - 4)
  • - Rising Stars (Class 5 - 8)
  • - Super Seniors (Class 9 - 12)
  • - 18+ Years (Any Adult above 18 years of age)


NacFun has gamified and made learning fun. Each activity performed lets users earn points and climb up the monthly and all time NacFun Leaderboard.

NacFun Rank by Category leaderboard lists participants based upon their points and rank within their category by class and age.

NACFUN Recognition and Prizes

  • - Each NacFun participant regardless of their rank is eligible to receive monthly and yearly certificates.
  • - Each month, top performers in each category receive exciting prizes and certificates.
  • - All participants qualify to earn cash scholarships that are offered periodically by NacFun or its partners.
  • - Schools and faculties are recognized for their effort with certificate, trophies and any prize as applicable.

To be eligible for prizes, each participant is required to complete a set of MANDATORY activities for the month. For full terms and conditions to qualify and win prizes, visit Prize FAQ.

free for kids & adults worldwide

Stutends and Adults from any part of the world can participate in Fun and Learn Activities of NacFun

International VS Indian Students

Free Registration in National Active Championship
Participate in all FunSports Challenges
Participate in all Co-Curricular Activities
Participate in all Quizzes & Worksheets
Participate in India specific Contests *
Rank on Leaderboard
Get Certificates
Cash Awards & Scholarships *

*International players may participate to win points, certificates & non-cash prizes.

SMART for Schools, Faculty & Parents

Schools and Faculty from thousands of schools use the NacFun e-Learning and Activities platform as an augmented teaching tool for their students. Teachers use NacFun as a homework platform to reinforce knowledge and best practices to their students by

NacFun’s free SMART platform lets teachers create, publish, assign, assess, award points and provide feedback to their students. SMART’s in-depth dashboard lets the teacher monitor the progress of their students in real time.

Faculty Banner

My School

Users who updated their school in their profile will see contests. quizzes & study material published by their own faculties. School can also check their score and ranking among their school students. To improve your School Ranking, more students from your School should actively participate in NAC and score more points.

NAC School Rank

NAC School Rank is the order of School's performance in the National Active Championship across India. It is calculated as per the total scoring of all players participating in NAC from that school.

Nac In-School Program

Schools use NacFun as a Co-Scholastic Homework program. Students receive Challenges, Contests & Quizzes as Homework on the school's behalf. Faculty may give their own custom Activities & Academics Homework.

Schools participating in NAC receive complimentary in-school programs to highlight the importance of Active & Healthy Lifestyle as the most basic preventive care for life.

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How to Use NacFun eLearning & Activities

NacFun provides an online school learning and fun experience for the students and parents. Just like any other school, NacFun policy and guidelines have to be followed at all times to provide a child safe community for you and your fellow students. There is a zero-tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior, plagiarism or in any other way that may compromise the NacFun policies. Details of NacFun policy violations are outlined for users along with penalties for violation of NacFun policies.

Quick Tips to Use NacFun

  • NacFun is free for Students, Parents & Schools WORLDWIDE.    
  • Select category to participate: Act, Art, Comedy, Craft, Dance, Music, Poetry, Singing, Puzzle & Riddle, Life-Skills, GK, Quiz, Worksheet, Pre-School, Study, Co-curricular, Contest, BattleZone, Sports & more.
  • You may participate in multiple categories
  • Pick an activity to perform under the category you selected above. Example, if you selected Art, then pick - 'sketch a portrait' or 'paint a landscape'.
  • Follow the instructions and complete your activity.
  • As requested in the instruction, take a picture or record the video of your performance.
  • Upload your response.
  • Virtual Judges will award points.
  • MCQ and Blog Quizzes are performed online.
  • Publish Activities for other Users & Earn Points.
  • Climb leaderboard to win prizes and certificates.

Students may review the detailed process of how to use the NacFun platform in the Tutorial section.

NacFun parents are critical members of the NacFun community. NacFun’s Fun n’ Learn experience is geared towards holistic growth (mentally, physically and emotionally) of your child. The NacFun Parent section outlines the proper way to utilize the NacFun platform by the parent for engaging, motivating and managing the progress of your child. At each step of your child’s learning journey on NacFun, you may experience the joy of your child’s accomplishments.